The High Alone from Broken and Reset: Selected Poems 1966-2006

Read by V.B. Price listen


The world is spinning, puking,
falling out of chairs;
people are murdering each other,
mothers are bathing their children,
others are bathing corpses,
and the lucky ones
pick our way among
rows of wilted land mines,
spiked with live ones,
with no help, no trauma.
Only the news for us makes it seem
the slaughter of the innocents
won’t shut up.
Seeming is believing.
But the truth is much
worse than it seems.
The countless well placed of us
are still rushed and sad,
bombarded by wants we don’t have,
and features from hell
exploding, sifting their damp
grainy shadows into our soiled
soft heavenly beds.
Is it a duty
or a habit
to keep swimming
to the end,
hoping for one
last pocket of air?

Broken and Reset is available from UNM Press remote
© 2006 V.B. Price