"The Oddity is an intense, rich whirlpool of a book, darkly circling the central mystery of its protagonist's boyhood: the terrible betrayal and destruction of his beloved mentor by her friends and neighbors. The sense of intelligent, sensitive, and neurotic individuals locked together for years in a shifting tangle of love and loathing is immediate and shocking; you can hear these characters talking and thinking their way through events of relentless ambiguity and inescapable impact. . . . The climax of their fraught relationships encapsulates the crazy national politics of the McCarthy witch hunt showing just how the personal and political interpenetrate. In the fate and the lasting influence of poor, ruined Hanna, the author convincingly depicts what a modern saint might be, how such saints are made, and by whom."

— Suzy M. Charnas,
author of The Vampire Tapestry

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